About Us

Hi! Thank you for visiting WSH20. Like most parents, we became very concerned during these last few months about the spread of COVID-19. We have two occasionally forgetful teenage daughters who were the real inspiration for the bands. When they were much younger, we would tie colorful strings around their wrists as a reminder to do something specific that day. We were half-jokingly threatening to start that again to remind them about washing their hands for 20 seconds. Then it occurred to us, a lot of individuals and families might be having this same issue. We decided to try to create nice looking, durable reminder wristbands you and your kids would actually be happy to wear.

We also saw the bands as a great way to do something positive to help charities fighting the impact of COVID-19. There are so many worthwhile groups it was impossible to select just one to support. Instead, we decided to feature three new charities every 30 days and allow those who buy the bands to direct where the donation portion of their order goes. We hope our bands can be a small part of helping you and your family stay healthy while raising money for worthwhile causes. #wsh20 #washupandgiveback

Thank you!

Wynne and Ted Newsham